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Mozilla's Equal Rating Challenge

The event took place at Hotel Lalit, New Delhi on November 18, 2016. Once again we got a chance to meet Jochai (one of the Mozilla...

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Mozilla Rep Mentorship Meeting 2

Today I had another online meeting with my Mozilla Reps Mentor Biraj from 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM. Here are the Minutes of Meeting: He...

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Mozilla @StoryMirror Youth Creative Conclave

We had an amazing event scheduled on October 8, 2016 at Hansraj college in Delhi University. I reached the venue at 10:00 AM where I...

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Goals as a Mozilla Rep for fourth quarter of 2016!

I was given this task by my mentor to write down my goals as a Mozilla Rep and then track down my activities every quarter to know where...

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Mozilla Rep Mentorship Meeting 1

Just had the very first Mozilla Rep Mentorship e-meet today. It was scheduled to be on 21/09/16 from 9:30 PM IST to 10:00 PM IST. But I...

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Becoming a Mozilla Representative

Okay, this was kind of surprising. I applied for Mozilla Reps around 4 months ago but my application was put on hold since at that time,...

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