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Promoted to bug-triager for CPython

This is huge! I couldn't believe when I just woke up next to this mail: Yes, I got promoted to Developer role on bugs.python.org, which ...

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The cycle of creating bugs and patching them

I write patches, which creates more bugs; then I go and patch them again. The cycle continues... If you've been following up my recent ...

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Improving class instantiation error message logic in Python 3.7

Many folks ask me why I contribute to CPython. I think it is a special feeling which cannot be expressed in words. Even if you just fix ...

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Fixing the print redirection suggestion in Python 3.7

If you've been following my contributions to CPython, I recently contributed an enhancement patch to Python 3.7 about producing correct ...

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Contributing enhancement patch to CPython

I started contributing to CPython this year from PyCon Pune sprints. That was one of the best PyCon I've ever attended. Since then, I've ...

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