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Open Source

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Who am I?

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Before we begin

How many of you think?

  • I am familiar with X, Y, Z language, which project should I contribute to?
  • How do I find bugs to work on?
  • I find it intimidating to look at those bugs.

What is Open Source Software?

Open Source Software is a computer Software whose source code is available publically to use, modify and re-distribute under different licenses.

Sounds fun!

How do I get started?


  • Willingness to learn
  • Familarity with *nix command line
  • Familarity with DVCS like GIT


I don't know command line or GIT

Learn from OpenHatch Training Missions

I'm Ready!

How do I search/filter bugs?

How do I choose organization/project to contribute to?

Let's try to search from Open Hatch projects

Things common to all Open Source projects

They all use a bug tracker

Most of the projects have tags like Mozilla uses good-first-bug, OpenHatch uses Bite-size

They have some awesome people willing to help you!


No matter what programming language you know, there is a project for you in Mozilla ;)

Let's try to search from What can I do for Mozilla?

Josh Matthews made a better tool Try out Bugs Ahoy

Let' try Bugzilla!


One of Google's 20% projects

AngularJS + Python


Core Python

C + Python + Awesomeness ;)


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